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Beard and moustache hair transplantation; these transplantation is used both in the complete absence of facial hair , as well as stellenweisem failure and compaction . In whisker transplantation , the removal process is the same as in the hair transplantation. Only one should note that the beard hair transplantation following:
- From the sampling point may only be a hairy roots are taken , no more hairy .
- The root canals must be , with flat inclined.
- The roots must be tilted to the side , and you have to be transplanted to the growth direction of a
 each eighth .
- Since the beard hair transplantation needs to be edited much more sensitive , should in transplants of more than 2000 grafts , the operation will be extended to two days . For a good result it is absolutely necessary .
The recovery time proceeds without problems . The occurring during the transplant red Verschuppungen disappear within 7-10 days. On 10 Day have grown properly the roots.
A part or all of the implanted hairs will suffer a shock loss within 1-2 months. This is different from person to person. Some fall out no hair , others all fall out. This is a normal process . The precipitated hair grow after the resting phase , so usually 2 months after transplantation back . Within 6-8 months, they are then grown in the mold.


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