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Breast Enlargement Operation

For reasons unknown, some young girls' breasts either do not grow at all or grows only a little. In this case, the process will be to achieve the ordinary breast size by silicon plates. The vreast surface width, skin flexibility and breast tissue thickness determines the size of the silicon plate being planted.

The operation could be applied to anyone above the age 17. Silicon plate is also applied to woman who gave birth and whose breasts are empty and sagging due to breast-feeding. However, breast raising should also be applied with these cases.

There is not any problem of child bearing and nursing for the young girls who had silicon plate operations.

Silicon plates might be placed from under the breast, nipple or armpit. Plate is usually placed under muscle.

One night of hospitalization follows the discharge. Patients can go back to their jobs in 7-10 days.

If the circumstances allow, (the breast must be erect and not sagging) the breast could be enlarged with fat injection.

First, concentrate fat is acquired and PRP (blood plasma rich in stem cell) is added to it in order to increase sustention rate of the fat. Breast enlargement with fat injection requires 2 maybe 3 operations that last 1-2 hours. This is a type of operation that lasts longer than silicon plate operation, that is more expensive and that requires many operations.

Breast Reduction Operation

Big breast cause back and neck pain as well as rashes under breast and difficulty in finding clothing easily to the patient.

Actually, this operation is not only a cosmetic but also a reconstructive one. It could be applied between the ages 17-70.

With this operation, breast will both reach their normal sizes and erect. As a result, many problems in the patient's life will disappear.

The operation lasts about 3-4 hours. The techniques used worldwide are the same and the scars are acceptable.

Patient is hospitalized for 1-2 days and goes back to his/her normal life in 15 days.

Breast Lift Operation

Some woman suffer sagging breast due to causes like gravity, decrease in skin elasticity and nursing. Some of these sagging breasts possess sufficient tissue whereas some has lack of tissue. Those who have sufficient tissue are made full and erect with skin processes. If there is not sufficient tissue (mammary gland and fat), then sufficient fullness is achieved by placing breast plate under muscle. After this, breast lift is done.

Operations should be done with general anesthesia. Operation could last up to 2-3 hours. The place where nipple should be marked by drawing standing up. A round cut scar in the nipple and a scar from the nipple to the lower side remain. These are always acceptable and they become invisible in a year. 

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