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The system in the facial straining operations has changed a lot now. Firstly, the face must be divided into three sections. Forehead and supraorbital should be called UPPER FACE. Filling (fat and chemical filling) and botox are the most efficient methods used in this region but straining is also done if needed.  The area between side margins of eyes and mouth side margins should be called MID FACE. This is the region where most face process are applied to. Filling might also be applied to the drains between mouth and cheek. DOWN FACE is the area between mouth margin and lower neck and it is the area that face straining is primarily applied to. Mini liposuction or straining might be applied to the fat in chin.
                As these processes could be done by region, they could be done as a whole as well.

                10-15 days after operation, life goes back to normal.

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