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Fillings are, as the name implies, substances that fill space. Botox and filling are not the same thing.

Botox repairs wrinkles, filling fills space.

Fillings might be chemical substances or they might be acquired from person's own fat.

The fillings made on the face and the lip are the substance. The molecular size of the chemical ones depends on the applied area. For example the fillings substance used on the lips are different from the ones used for cheek wrinkles.

But if the filling is made from the person's own fat, it can be applied on any area.

To inject the fat after mixing it with PRP improves fat's durability rate and substantivity.

The person's normal life does not get affected with chemical substances and continues as it is. However, it takes 1-2 weeks for the swellings to disappear in the application of fat fillings. 

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