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After the hair transplantation , it is necessary in some patients to perform a mesotherapy or PRP application. In addition , patients with seasons related , stress -related or pregnancy - related hair loss , or people who complain of dull , dull hair , with these opportunities , achieve very good results.
In this treatment, it is the goal to stop the loss of hair, to improve the hair quality and hair thickness , and to enable the hair growth. This treatment is applied in certain cycles and multiple sessions. The sessions are weekly, 15 performed the day or month. The entire application consists of an average of 10 sessions . There are special medical mixtures , with the help of very thin needles injected into the needy , hairy skin. The application itself usually lasts not long , only between 15-30 minutes.
PRP , is a serum which is obtained from the blood of patients are suitable . This serum is made of the growth factors and stem cells. These cells play a role in wound healing , cell regeneration and blood clotting. The growth factor helps the injektierten point to a stem cell transfer and thus the tissue renewal begins .
The hair mesotherapy with PRP is the method that celebrates the greatest achievements in recent years . The application is carried out 3 times with 20 days break after each session. And after a year, a repetition is performed . But the meeting breaks are still people dependent and show from patient to patient differences.


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