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                Liposuction is the operation of removing the fat in surface and deep regions by using cannulae with the help of vacuum or special injectors.

                This process is also a form of art since it is used in body forming.

                Liposuction is a process that could be applied from tip to toe. However, it is mostly applied to the regions around the belly, internal and external regions of the legs and back.

The most appropriate candidates for liposuction are those who have regional fat and have a high-quality skin.

Humankind has always had an eye for beauty since its first days alive. Beauty nowadays is  a concept that can affect people's way of life and social rank; it can even shape your psychology. People have become unable to keep attention to their appearance due to stress, intense work pace, inaction in today's social life.

As gyms and beauty salons could not provide sufficient solutions, liposuction carried out by plastic surgeon came to aid.

Liposuction is performed by special cannulae of 1-4 mm. and vacuum machines. It is sometimes done by hand and special injectors.  

The number of fat cells in our body do not change throughout lifetime. The reason for fattening is swelling of the fat cells. Therefore, once the fat is taken with vacuum, these regions will not fatten again.

The operated patient stays in hospital for 1-2 nights according to the span of the operation. Corset stays for the first 10 days. Then, permission for bath is given. Yet, the corset should be worn constantly for both day and night after 10 more days (he/she could have baths in between). It is adequate that he/she uses it only in the daytime for the next 20 days. In this way, the corset applies pressure for 40 days. Using a corset is a must in order to reduce the edema swellings. The time for the patient to go back to work is a week at most. But offices jobs and air travels are possible at the 3rd day.
                Advantages of liposuction:
                According to studies, the removal of unwanted fat do not only provide aesthetic advantage but also helps the treatment of type-2 diabetes quite a lot. Carbohydrate mechanism  is regulated with the reduction of fat cells.

Reducing fat cells in man increases blood testosterone levels because. This situation causes recovery and increase in sexual functions.

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