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The special section of serum cells rich in platelet is secluded by centrifuging blood taken by special tubes. This section is called PRP.

Platelet cells consist growth factor which provides damaged cell recovery. PRP is rich in both platelet and stem cells.

The aim of PRP process is to place more platelet and stem cells to the region in need. Therefore, the damaged tissue in that region begins to recover quickly.

PRP is mostly used in wrinkles, hair mesotherapy, skin rejuvenation and acne scars in cosmetic surgery.

Also, it enables the fat to cling at a higher rate and for a longer time by adding it to the fat tissue during the fat injection.

If used for cosmetic reasons, PRP is applied for three times 20 days apart. Then it is continued by reapplying for once in 10-12 months.

The miracles of fat injection (with PRP) is now known by all.

There is nothing you cannot do with fat injection;

* Removing the sag and deep dines in the face

*Lip enlargement

*Bandy leg reforming

*Bottom enlargement

* Rejuvenation of back of the hand

*Breast enlargement

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