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Botox is not a snake venom or a filling substance. Application of botox which is a toxin of a bacteria is an alternative method of medicine.

It is the most used method especially on wrinkles in the upper face (above the line over the nasal root)

Muscle contraction ceases at the muscle bundles to which botox is applied since the connection between the muscle and the nerve is broken. Muscle no longer create wrinkles by contractions. Hence, the wrinkle on that muscle disappears.

Botox could be used in many fields of modern medicine apart from cosmetic purposes.

It is applied in very little proportions and with very thin needles in cosmetics. It might take up to 48-72 hours to show its effect but the time may increase up to 10-12 days. 

As told before, Botox is applicable to the upper face. However, its application to the lower face might cause problems.

Botox is not used only for wrinkles but also for the treatment of migraine and kaş kaldırma

The person applied botox could go back to his/her daily life at once. 

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