Beard and Moustache Transplantation

We do beard and moustache transplant to cover weak spots or to increase the density, or to cover the scars of old operation or to cover some skin diseases marks.

It is similar to hair transplant steps and techniques; we extract grafts from the backside of the head to plant in targets areas (beard and moustache), but it needs more concentrating.

The medical staff should extract just mono hair grafts, cause all beards grafts are mono hair, also channels should opened in suitable directions to give natural look, also the operation should be done by expert medical staff.

This procedure should be done in two sessions in two days when the number of grafts is more than 2000 grafts, to get the best result.

The recovery after the operation needs about one week to ten days maximum also there are some instruction to keep the planted areas safe in the first period.

The planted hair will fell down in the first month of the operation and he will grow back again gradually in the second and third month of the operation, the final results would be between 6 and 8 month of the operation.

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