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Face skin can be deformed in time due to various factors like stress, external factors (sun, wind, etc.)

Both saggings and wrinkles and collapses cause visual and psychological problems.

One of the applications regenerate the skin is mesotherapy applied to especially face, neck, low-neck, back of the hand.

Chemical substances (vitamin, mineral, etc) and PRP are applied in these treatments.

Mesotherapy done with chemical substances with PRP application gives the best result.

4 applications with 15 days apart of first PRP then chemical substance turn the serious problems in both face, lower-neck and back of the hand into miracles.

Anesthesia is applied to skin with a cream half hour before this application.

Bruise and swelling are prevented by ice after this procedure.

The tightness, liveliness and brightness on the skin of the person applied mesotherapy affect the person psychologically as well.

The patient should prevent solarium and sun after the process for about a week. swimming in pool or sea, as well as using face powder are restricted for a couple days.

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