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Some patients may need mesotherapy and PRP application after hair plantation.  Addition to that, those who suffer hair loss due to seasonal, stress-related, post-pregnancy or metabolic reasons and who complains of lifeless, matt appearance can benefit from this treatment. 

                The aim in this study is to stop the hair loss, to improve hair quality and strength and to activate hair growth. It is applied at certain periods and sessions. Sessions are applied in weekly, for 15 days and monthly periods. The process might take up to 10 sessions. Special mixtures of medication are injected to the haired skin with very thin needles. The process mostly takes between 15-30 minutes.

                PRP is a serum acquired by the own blood of the person. This serum consists of stem cells and growth factors. These cells are effective in recovery of wound, repairment of worn-out cells and blood clotting.  The growth factor starts the renewal process in the tissues by transferring stem cells to the injected area.

                Hair mesotherapy with PRP is the method that gives the best results for the recent years. The practice is applied 3 times in 20 days apart and is repeated after one year. The distance between session depends on the person. 

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